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h1. Bugs

* \[LOGALYZE-97\] Add Collector - Empty parameter list if Data format has been set to Empty
* \[LOGALYZE-115\] Sticky summary page on search tab
* \[LOGALYZE-116\] New free font to support ő,ű,... in pdf reports
* \[LOGALYZE-117\] Wrong pdf report reendering: static text with new page, statistic, static text with new page
* \[LOGALYZE-119\] Reports: loss of new line charackters in static text section (pdf reports)
* \[LOGALYZE-127\] Report creation error when quotation mark in query definition
* \[LOGALYZE-132\] 'error:null' message at statistics creation
* \[LOGALYZE-133\] Empty CVS export
* \[LOGALYZE-134\] High browser CPU usage until search is in processing state
* \[LOGALYZE-135\] Top view last refresh missing
* \[LOGALYZE-138\] Too many org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase getResponseBody warning message
* \[LOGALYZE-141\] Export do not start with empty query
* \[LOGALYZE-145\] Row detail close error (GUI)
* \[LOGALYZE-150\] Refresh button in statistic page increases the stat value
* \[LOGALYZE-156\] Manage Index page refresh icon problem
* \[LOGALYZE-160\] Custom time range in reports doesn`t work
* \[LOGALYZE-162\] No TOP value for statistics in reports
* \[LOGALYZE-163\] Can`t select report clicking on caption
* \[LOGALYZE-166\] Chromium browser character encoding problem in POST request
* \[LOGALYZE-172\] Top does`t work with ProtoBuf DTP
* \[LOGALYZE-193\] SyslogDf, parsing year (linksys format)
* \[LOGALYZE-196\] When logstore rolling limit is stricter then index rolling limit, than generating bad logstore file names
* \[LOGALYZE-198\] Unable to stop search with TOP
* \[LOGALYZE-200\] Event icon refresh on enable/disable
* \[LOGALYZE-202\] Querry list refresh at report definition
* \[LOGALYZE-210\] Export current search result without starting a new one
* \[LOGALYZE-211\] Use embedded fonts in header of pdf reports
* \[LOGALYZE-212\] On Dashboard, statistic chart's top field setting has no effect

h1. Improvements

* \[LOGALYZE-83\] Removing labels from statistic charts
* \[LOGALYZE-86\] Filterable log definition list
* \[LOGALYZE-95\] Review file permissions
* \[LOGALYZE-99\] Add Collector - Add DF: JSON
* \[LOGALYZE-108\] JSON DF: ability to parse nested objects
* \[LOGALYZE-110\] Add JDBC Collector to Admin
* \[LOGALYZE-112\] System info on the About page
* \[LOGALYZE-118\] Reports: support html format in static text section
* \[LOGALYZE-123\] Configurable number of processor threads
* \[LOGALYZE-126\] Search tab \-> Fields box: 'On click action'
* \[LOGALYZE-128\] New page handling in reports
* \[LOGALYZE-131\] Set columns names (+width, align) in riports
* \[LOGALYZE-165\] Filterable query definition list, refresh button
* \[LOGALYZE-191\] Webapps servlets should log into separate log file
* \[LOGALYZE-195\] Make some Lucene settings configurable trough engine.xml
* Changing appearance: add/modify report sections in report defs
* SocketDtp, SyslogOverTcpDtp: tcp keep alive default on, change it with paramater 'keepalive'
* Terms of wildcard, prefix, fuzzy and range queries are NOT to be lower-cased
* Variables can be use in event generated mail subject
* Improved ToptermStatTask
* \[LOGALYZE-204\] Fix color palette for charts
* \[LOGALYZE-218\] Add ForceGC function to the Manage Engine page

h1. New features

* New DTP: Protobuf DTP
* \[LOGALYZE-136\] Stop button on search page
* \[LOGALYZE-137\] Confirm window on "Fields" refresh
* \[LOGALYZE-149\] Chart data optimisation
* New DTP: SyslogOverTcp DTP
* \[LOGALYZE-158\] Host grouping on Search tab
* \[LOGALYZE-174\] Base view in Search tab
* \[LOGALYZE-175\] Store ProtoBuf fields in index
* \[LOGALYZE-176\] Rename ProtoBuf fields according to syslog fields
* \[LOGALYZE-192\] Show engine's default charset in admin's About page
* New DF: CEF DF

h1. Tasks

* \[LOGALYZE-79\] Fixing internationalization
* \[LOGALYZE-113\] Remove the 'simpleSearch' web service
* Remove unused dependencies
* Upgrade Gwt and SmartGwt
* Search/query: 'top' max value is 25 (default 10)
* \[LOGALYZE-125\] Improve log entry: "ReportDefinition is null"
* \[LOGALYZE-177\] Own audit messages: raw as message field
* \[LOGALYZE-178\] Default behavior: lowecase all incoming fields
* \[LOGALYZE-179\] ProtobufDtp: convert facility number to text
* \[LOGALYZE-181\] Smooth first start
* \[LOGALYZE-182\] Manage config (and xsd) changes over releases
* \[LOGALYZE-206\] Hide 'Active' column on statistic tab
* \[LOGALYZE-207\] Optimize engine logging config
* \[LOGALYZE-208\] Removing copyright footer from main window
* \[LOGALYZE-215\] Move system infos page for Admin->Help to Admin->System
* \[LOGALYZE-216\] Upgrade embedded tomcat (6.0.35->6.0.48)
* \[LOGALYZE-217\] Move the Help menu from Admin tab to main screen menu (next to user menu)
* \[LOGALYZE-219\] Remove shutdown engine functionality from soap api and web ui
* \[LOGALYZE-220\] Put back shutdown engine functionality to soap api, it is in use by logalyze-cli