Version 4.1.6 - 2017-10-20

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Lib upgrades, create/modify/view EventDefinition pages

Table of Contents


  • Correct postfix remote delivery (relay) logdefs (by handling multiple brackets in the end)
  • Correction in parsing event criteria (negations)
  • Correction in parsing Cond from criteria, support multi clasuses Conds


  • [LOGALYZE-183] Create/Modify/View EventDefinition pages
  • [LOGALYZE-114] Impl of line charts in reports
  • Write logs position and length to the new file .ld.pos, next to the .ld files; use JVM parameter
  • Improve Criteria to check tag fields to (disabled for log definitions yet)


  • Upgrade Engine dependencies Lucene, Derby, jfreechart, itextpdf, json.simple, snappy-java, ...
  • Upgrade GWT and SmartGWT
  • Upgrade embedded Tomcat to 8.5
  • Upgrade maven plugins
  • Removed DF:oldjson (let us know if you use it)
  • Removed unused menu item 'Manage repository' from menu under Admin tab
  • Renamed menu 'Repository' to 'Definitions' under Admin tab
  • Added Report def, Stat def, Event def links into the Admin->Definitions menu
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