Version 4.1.5 - 2017-04-10

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  • [LOGALYZE-222] - Dashboard charts: changing chart color on refresh
  • [LOGALYZE-223] - Dashboard chars+grids: timer interval does not change
  • [LOGALYZE-224] - New collector - created via admin gui - cannot start
  • [LOGALYZE-227] - Syslog parser, timestamp ends with year parse problem
  • [LOGALYZE-236] - Correction of index and raw data rolling (writing, checking) mechanizm
  • [LOGALYZE-237] - Occurrence of lock obtain timed out exception (write.lock timeout)
  • Do not reload chart/grid on Dashboard portlet when leaving settings by clicking on Cancel button
  • Add/modify report definition pages: section tab layout correction
  • Check unable-to-parse-query response at the right place.


  • [LOGALYZE-221] - Filterable report definition list
  • [LOGALYZE-231] - Refresh button on System Info page
  • [LOGALYZE-232] - Reports: configurable section parameter 'textIsHtml' in text section (ui)
  • [LOGALYZE-233] - Reports: possibility to maximize how many values should appear in charts
  • [LOGALYZE-234] - Reports: escape html characters in section/param value columns, ie do not leave to interpret it by the browser
  • [LOGALYZE-235] - Reports: possibility to add and remove parameter for section paramteres (ui)
  • Statistic chart portlet on Dashboard: update stat name on save settings; correcting chart height
  • Modified resource loading behavior when loading admin page to the browser
  • Tool to read raw log (RawReadTool)
  • Tool to write out fields of an index document (DocTool)
  • New JVM parameter:


  • [LOGALYZE-230] - Smartgwt theme upgrade to latest
  • [LOGALYZE-238] - Update tomcat version (6.0.48->6.0.53)
  • Set JAVA_HOME example to /usr in
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