Version 4.1.3 - 2013-05-29

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Table of Contents


  • [LOGALYZE-100] Windows startup script: LOGALYZE_HOME can contain space now
  • [LOGALYZE-96] Dashboard - Tag cloud: Fix search field name from tag to _tag


  • [LOGALYZE-102] Startup, Shutdown process notifications
  • [LOGALYZE-103] Internal database configuration has been moved to engine.xml
  • API: Common error handling improvements
  • [LOGALYZE-105] Show Roles without any permission
  • [LOGALYZE-107] 'TOP' search result can be sorted by column 'Count'
  • Newer version of SmartGWT
  • [LOGALYZE-109] List user permissions on user profile page
  • New Maven plugin versions and put SVN Revision into Engine Jar Manifest file

New features

  • Roles
  • LOGalyze Engine code format hints
  • New unit tests
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