Version 4.1.1 - 2013-03-13

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  • LOGALYZE-71: Remove progress indicator if log in fails
  • LOGALYZE-69: Display all value of field _tag in Search result
  • Some CSS and layout fixes
  • LOGALYZE-94: Fix error during Definition file saving
  • LOGALYZE-66: Create new Statistic Definition: sometime store table was not created
  • Updated Time zone list
  • Fixed chart labels in PDF reports
  • Some minor modifications and fixes


  • API: New server side input validations
  • Updated inline documentation for main configuration file
  • Updated inline Collector Schema Documentation
  • LOGALYZE-87: Reorderable Report sections
  • Fix startup files on Windows
  • Improved data aggregation

New features

  • New Index rolling frequency (half-day)
  • New JVM parameters (rolling policy) in startup script
  • LOGalyze Repository content is in the release package

Known bugs

Log Definition with missing NCSA parser


LOGalyze Engine does not start. Error message:

ERROR LOGalyzeEngine Error occured during initialization of LOGalyze Engine. Startup aborted.
com.logalyze.engine.config.ConfigException: Unknown function: ncsa


There is a wrong Log Definition file in conf/repository/ folder called ddb67bfe-ae5a-11e1-88ed-0018de9d2512.xml. This file contains a parser (ncsa) which is missing from 4.1.1


Simply remove this file or rename it to ddb67bfe-ae5a-11e1-88ed-0018de9d2512.xml.disabled

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