Version 4.0.3 - 2012-07-25

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  • Collectors: Identity type collector is added
  • Dashboard: Fix layout bug in ChartPortlet
  • Statistics: dimension value is truncated to 128 chars
  • Statistics: line chart margin is fixed
  • Statistics: ability to select dimension to display
  • Statistics: SUM function was missing on New Statistics Definition page


  • Common colors: charts will use the same color for a given series every time
  • New caching method for Grid components
  • Charts: disable animation
  • Index: loghostname field is cenverted to lowercase
  • Search: new generated field: Format = DTP+DF
  • Search: fetch result as soon as number of collected rows reaches the pagesize

New features

  • Search: TOP modifier. TOP search modifier is similar to COUNT(*) GROUP BY sql clause
  • Manage Indexes directories: ability to attach and detach an Index directory online
  • Linux Audit Subsystem log parser

Notes on upgrade

After upgrading logalyze-engine package you should manually delete lib/logalyze-engine-4.0.2.jar or older jar.

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