Version 4.0.1 - 2012-01-24

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  • Search criteria coming from chart was not added to Search History
  • Search results grid - Field _tag: only the first value was shown
  • Statistics: Stacked bar legend: dimension value was not shown
  • Dashboard - Index date range: timestamps were in GMT
  • Collector did not stop to the STOP ws
  • Search: click to add feature did not work on field: severity
  • Click-through search from Dashboard did not refresh the time interval
  • Password field value is erased after success login


  • If there is no data for a report section it is completely missing
  • Export search result as CSV
  • Default sort of Report History: name, asc
  • Default sort of Add Query Definition to Report: name, asc

Notes on upgrade

After upgrading logalyze-engine package you should manually delete lib/logalyze-engine-4.0.0.jar.

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