Upgrading from 4.1.3 to 4.1.4

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Modify the engine.xml


  1. modify 'version' attribute of 'engine-config' tag from '1.0' to '2.0'
  2. Insert these rows after the <reportsdir> row:

Determine the right 'indexdocnumlimit' value

The 'indexdocnumlimit' setting determine the maximum number of documents per index, its default value is (and was) 10.000.000.

Previously this value was able to set as JVM parameter in engine scripts setenv.sh/setenv.bat or startup.sh/startup.bat. In engines startup.sh it was set to 1.000.000, while in startup.bat it was not set.

We removed this setting from startup.sh, so if you want to your logalyze behave as before, you must to change its value in engine.xml.


  1. under unix/linux remove the row started with "-Drc.indexDocNumLimit=" form your startup.sh
  2. Insert these rows after the <hostsdir> row, and change the number to what you used until now
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