Getting Started with LOGalyze

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Log Management Workflow

User Accounts and Access

LOGalyze supports the following methods of authentication:

  • Local user accounts created within the interface

Logging on for the First Time

To log on to LOGalyze, your Administrator must provide you with the URL for LOGalyze Admin, a username, and a password.

To log on to LOGalyze for the first time:

  1. To make sure that you access the newest version of the LOGalyze user interface, clear your web browser’s cache.
  2. In a web browser, type the URL for your LOGalyze Admin instance, as follows:
    1. If LOGalyze Admin is configured to use secure HTTP protocol, type the following URL:
      where [port] represents the port number used by your application server.
    2. If LOGalyze Admin is configured to use insecure HTTP protocol (not recommended), type the following URL:
      where [port] represents the port number used by your application server.
  3. The default logon credentials for a new LOGalyze installation are username “admin” and password “logalyze.” You should change your credentials at your first logon.

LOGalyze Admin opens to the Dashboard.

Using the LOGalyze Admin Dashboard

After you log on to LOGalyze Admin, the Dashboard is displayed.
By default, the LOGalyze Admin Dashboard displays 7 portlets, which summarize various aspects of the log data you collected and analyzed.

Index Summary
Shows the summarized statistical data which includes a count of collected log rows, time frame of collected data, and graphical display of EPS (Event Per Second) from the last 5 minutes.
Tag cloud
Graphical display of tags on logs.
Statistics charts
Graphical display of any Statistics Definition. The user can choose from Trend, Pie, and Column graphs.
Statistics grid
Data table of any Statistics Definition for the selected time frame.
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