Get Logs from Local Files

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Getting BSD syslog directly from files

Settings in LOGalyze

To open a syslog file (like /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog o Linux) and read in the data you should define a File Collector in LOGalyze. See Collectors page what is a File type Collector.

While adding the new Collector

  • on Data Transport tab
    • set Data Transport to 'File/Pipe',
    • set DTP Parameter 'file' to the full absolute path of the file you would like to read
  • on Data Format tab
    • set DF Type to 'Syslog'
    • set DF Parameters or leave it as default

Save the new Collector, Start it by pressing the Start Collector icon in column Action. The Collector will open the file you specified, parse the rows with a BSD Syslog template and will index the data.

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