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Add new Collector within Admin

Collectors can be managed within the Admin. Go to Admin Tab, select System -> Collectors.

To Add a new Collector, click on Add New button above the list of existing Collectors. The Add New Collector window will be displayed. Fill in the form, press the Save button. To use the your new Collector, you have to restart LOGalyze Engine. For the description of each field on the form, see Collectors page.

Add new Collector by editing collectors.xml

You can manage collectors manually by editing conf/collectors.xml. Use your favorite text editor to open collectors.xml under conf folder. The best way is using an XML Editor with the provided XSD file (logalyze-collectors-1.0.xsd). The manual steps are:

  • Add new collector tag, set id attribute to a new UUID value. (You can generate UUIDs with this tool: UUID Generator)
  • Add general property tags
    • Name
    • Weight
    • Startup mode
  • Set DTP type and its properties
  • Set DF type and its properties
  • Optionally add some tags to the collector

Save the file and restart LOGalyze Engine to effect your changes.

For the description of each field of Collectors, see Collectors page.

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