LOGalyze Installation and Upgrade Guide

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LOGalyze® Installation and Updating Document
Version 3.0

Document version: 3.0/1
Latest revision: 5th March 2009
LOGalyze® 3.0 Installation and Updating Document
This document is the LOGalyze Installation and Updating Document. It contains installation and updating information related to LOGalyze version 3.0.x.
Latest revision: 5th March 2009 (Version: 3.0/1)
Copyright 2007-2009 ZURIEL Ltd.
This document may be used taking the following into consideration: this document may be printed for personal use. Converting the document file to other formats is allowable, provided that its contents remain unchanged.
1 Foreword
1.1 What is this document about?
1.2 What knowledge is required?
1.3 Components developed by a third party
1.4 Relationships
1.4.1 Business relationships (licence expansion, services, updates, individual developments)
1.4.2 Contact information related to product support
1.4.3 Version information
2 Installation and Updating
2.1 System requirements
2.1.1 Hardware requirements
2.1.2 Operation system requirements
2.1.3 Java VM requirements
2.1.4 Database server requirements
2.1.5 Web server requirements
2.1.6 Supported browsers
2.2 Reviewing the major steps
2.3 Preparing installation
2.3.1 Checking system requirements
2.3.2 Installing Java VM
2.3.3 Installing database server, preparing databases
2.4 Installation
2.4.1 Installing components
2.4.2 Administration Interface Adjustment
2.5 Additional tasks
2.5.1 Modifying the initial script
2.5.2 Running scheduled events on a MySQL server
2.5.3 Enabling PHP modules
2.6 Updating
2.7 First steps with LOGalyze
2.8 Removal
2.8.1 Removing using the installer
2.8.2 Manual removal

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