Installing components

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Start the graphical installer of LOGalyze using the following command. The installer can only be run in graphical mode!
java -jar LOGalyze-install-3.0.1.jar

  1. As a first step, select the language of the installer. This selection does not refer to the language of the administration interface of LOGalyze.
  2. Read the LOGalyze End-User Licence Agreement appearing in the selected language carefully, and accept it. If the terms are not accepted, the installer will not allow proceeding to the next step.

  1. The installation instructions contain the description of the installation procedure. After reading it, press button "Next".
  2. Select whether installation or updating is needed.

  1. Select the installation path. If the given directory does not exist, the installer will create it and give notice of it.

  1. Select the packages to install. Clicking on the name of the package a detailed description appears.

  1. If the package Engine is also selected, give the TCP port of the command module as well. Later it can be modified in the software settings.

  1. Giving database connections. Select the type of database server to be used. Give the host, port, database name, user, and the password. By pressing the "Test" button you can check the connection. If it is successful, it actives by pressing the "Next" button.

This part consists of 2 steps. Give the data of the CONF scheme, then the data of the DATA scheme.

  1. The installer is ready for installation. It copies the necessary files, creates database structure, and adjusts necessary authorizations and the environment.

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